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After a long dry spell, De Writer has sort of returned. I am now writing again. Watch this space for more new tales and more chapters of the latest

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I am about to repost two more stories, HONOR vs ORDERS and ON THE BORDER, Iron's Hearthwarming · 1:46am Oct 11th, 2016

Honor vs Orders is set early on in Iron's career. He is a Master Sargent in the Equestrian Army and his unit is helping the Empress of the Gryphon Empire to put down a revolt.

ON THE BORDER takes place later in Iron's career. He is the Colonel in charge of defending a railroad trestle into Prance. It was damaged by saboteurs and is now in danger of a direct attack by Prance Army regulars. This tale takes place on Hearthwarming. Iron has more happening in his life than just the defense of the trestle.

These stories and some others, including the two ERIS tales, take place in a not too distant future of Equestria where Magic and Technology are being blended.

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