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Commissions and Tip Jar! · 8:05pm Sep 27th, 2016

SO. I know my following here is pretty small now, but I like to treat y'all on the same tier as I do my FurAffinity and Tumblr crowd! Even if the tumblr crowd is as small as this one...BUT STILL. Simply put, this is an intro to my new commissions, and how I intend to do them along with my standard writings! Also, I have a tip jar now! https://ko-fi.com/A554BEL For the generous and willing! I can't offer any bonuses, cause I don't think pay walls are right, but it will really help! NOW. ONTO THE COMMISSIONS.

Prices: I accept payment up front before work begins through paypal only, five dollars to fifty, based on the size of the commission. Standard rate is a penny a word. Work doesn't start till I have money on hand. I reserve the right to either deny a commission or refund it at anytime.

Things I enjoy to write about:
MLP:FIM |Weight Gain | Slob | Corruption | Transformation | Romance | Adventure | Slice of Life | Herms and Such | Consensual | Dom & Sub/Master Slave | Straight | Gay | And more, just ask!

Things I won't write about:
Father and Son/Daughter Incest | Rape | Graphic, realistic gore | Grimdark | Things that make me squeamish.

Minimum to Maximum:
Stories are at least five hundred to five thousand words long. No higher than 5k, no lower than five hundred.

The process: Commissions will open up every week near the beginning to the week, where I will accept comms through an email to TheGreatWubTub@gmail.com where you will tell me your idea, and how big you want it. I can help, but I prefer when you have a more solid idea. I do accept wing its, and treat most stories as a variation of this. After that, I'll write out your piece over the course of the week, post it to where I please, and we will go from there! You can request to be unnamed, but I will post what I like. Generally, if you commission me for something I enjoy, such as weight gain or slob or something of that nature, the turnabout will be faster, but I'll try to pump everything out on a weekly basis.

Contact Info: TheGreatWubtub@gmail.com

1 Lateinshowing for 5k (Done)
2 Mephis for 5k
3 Shadow for 2k (done)

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