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King Sombra Returns

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  • 127 weeks

    BACK AGAIN! Soooooo sorry I got locked out of my account. But I am back yay

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  • 176 weeks

    Soooo I got the new Chapter of my story up and am writing more as we speak, I hope EVERYONE Will enjoy this chapter!:twilightsmile:

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  • 176 weeks
    1/20/2017 New Chapter

    Okay, everyone see that date... 1/20/2017.. That is when my new chapter of Shadows and Sunlight will come out. I am having some issues with my vision at the moment, and I am having family drama as usual. I am working on A shadowed past and Will have a new Chapter soon as I can. I am putting both my story's on Hiatis until I can get my vision figured out. There may be a sneak peak coming up soon

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  • 178 weeks
    New Chapter!

    Hey guys.... I know this chapter isn't very long or informational. But I will have the next Chapter up as soon as I can thank you all who have been keeping up with this story. I hope you all have had a wonderful Holliday! And have a great New Years! :twilightsmile:

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  • 180 weeks

    I am having to do a lot and will have the next Chapter of Shadowed past and Shadows and Sunlight up BEFORE Christmas! I am sorry this took so long...

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Worst week EVER! · 5:58pm Sep 8th, 2016

Ugh! Worst week ever! Not only do I have Writers Block, but now I have Strep Throat.:twilightangry2: I just can't get a break.:pinkiesick:

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