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Don't give up on life, don't give up on hope, and don't give up on yourself. ^^

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    I'm going back to school on Wednesday...

    First day of highschool... I don't wanna go back... :fluttercry:

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I'm going back to school on Wednesday... · 2:04am Aug 9th, 2016

First day of highschool... I don't wanna go back... :fluttercry:

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I know the feeling. It's fun though :) Once you're there it's nice. Not nice... But you know. Grown up. :)

(Hugs tight)

4139918 I was super nervous.

But being a nerd, I came to enjoy it soon.

First day seems rough, but it's not.

It's like a homemade cookie. Crunchy and hard on the outside, but sweet and easy to bite on the inside.

It might be intimidating, but it's simple once you know where to go. :) Just like middle school was.

Same. I start two weeks from now. I hope I don't get senioritis. What grade are you going into? If it's junior year, don't worry. It sucks, but will be over before you know it.

4140674 Ohh. Freshman year isn't as bad as junior year. It was kind of easy for me. Sophomore year gets a little harder and Junior year is the year from hell.

4140736 Not looking forward to it... :fluttercry:

4140738 Honey, you'll be fine. I promise. :twilightsmile: I thought junior year would never end, but it did. As I said, you'll have to adjust to freshman year, but it's not that bad. If you ever feel depressed, don't hesitate to message me. To avoid isolation, make friends by joining a club or two.

4140743 Ok... Thanks for helping. :fluttershysad: *Hugs you*

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