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  • 277 weeks
    Hah... (A Farewell.)

    Oooooooooooh my god. I had forgotten this site, I had pushed this site to the very back of my hollow and foggy skull to never be remembered ever again, I had suppressed the memory of this site.

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    I don't even...

    (Ignore the fact that I watched the episode late)
    Fluttershy made Rainbow Dash cry.
    I can't even......
    Should I Hail or should I Hate?
    I'm so confused. XD
    Also, I made a blog post! WOOO!

    And You read it.
    What are you doing with your life?

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    aww man...

    I have a story that I wanna publish.
    I can't since I'm on my phone.
    So yea.
    I'm back from my... random leave!
    Busy life, other fandoms, school... oh god the school...


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    I will update.

    Hellow Folks.
    I am here to ask you a certain question....

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    I will and want to update a story of mine.
    But since I am busy, I can only choose one.
    It's your desicion.
    Which one of my stories do you want to see updated?

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    Reason to no update this time;

    People Of The Brony Community!

    This is obviously, Me speaking, To Tell you that No updates will be made untill AFTER CHRISTMAS!

    (ikr, can you belive it?)
    I have been soooo busy and I will continue being sooo busy IRL so I won't have any time Writing...
    I do hope that you understand that During this time, All my unfinished stories will be pu On Hiatus.

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Hah... (A Farewell.) · 9:02pm Aug 8th, 2016

Oooooooooooh my god. I had forgotten this site, I had pushed this site to the very back of my hollow and foggy skull to never be remembered ever again, I had suppressed the memory of this site.

I can not believe that a person replying to a two year old comment on a two year old blog post caused a chain reaction to make me come back, very briefly that is, to this site. That I've spent hours upon hours upon hours on, wasting most of my time... Reading.

So! What has happened in the year I've been gone for anyone who might ponder and ask themselves if they in fact end up reading this post. Well, let me tell you.

First and the biggest one.
I am no longer a fan of MLP.
Reason: I don't find it entertaining anymore.

Maybe that opening sentence was a bad choice of wording...

I have simply lost interest in MLP for reasons not even I know. It was probably because I got focused on other things and adapted my mind and entertainment senses to those instead of pastel coloured equines.

Don't get me wrong, MLP will always have a place in my heart that fills it with magic(oh my god this sounds stupid) but I will simply not keep engaging in the fandom or keep watching the show. I still stow a lot of respect for the MLP fandom in my train, and I will always be grateful for the wonderful sense of community you've given me, but I must be leaving.

Point number two...

Wheeeere are my atrocious fanfics?
HAH! Well I deleted them all roughly a year ago. The same time I changed my name from NekoThaCat to LeopardCay actually.

After some events that occurred I wanted, no needed, to disappear off the face of the fandom, this site especially. I felt sick, terrible and a lot more and thus decided to do my best to disappear. I deleted my fanfictions and deleted the most I could that would be able to be traced directly to the old NekoThaCat. A change of name, profile picture, description, a clearing of my profile and more was all that really was needed. According to me that is and it worked apparently because I have not been contacted further. By any of you. Which is great, it was my attention after all.

The fanfictions will never be put up ever again. If you want to see OTHER fanfics written by moi, head over to my AO3 account 'TheCay' or my Fanfiction.Net account 'Leopard Cay Neko-LionLover' or some shit like that I can't remember nor can I be arsed to look it up.

I am currently engaged in the Clexakru fandom so that's what I'm up to fanfiction wise.

I have kept drawing. I have gotten better. Check out my DeviantArt for those updates: Nekothacay.deviantart.com

I have started playing guitar and I won't share any guitar playing I'm afraid.

I'm starting what's basically the Swedish version of college.
I'm going a course that focuses on dogs so I'll probably work with dogs and animals when it's time.

What else...

Did I mention Clexakru? Cuz Clexa is the ultimate ship. Look it up and ship with me.

Hmm.... Oh my English is remarkably better if you haven't noticed. International English School does that to you.
Also reading three book series in a week for three months and writing.

What eeeeeelse.... Oh I discovered I'm Bi with a lean towards girls so that's great.

I am missing something I swear...

Oh right let's not forget my twitter addiction. If any of y'all want the latest tweets by moi about Clexa and bullshit, follow me @addictforfanfic

That's it. Enjoy.

Now I'll be gone cye m80's

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