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Rainbow Dash-TwiDash

Just a random dude wich try's to write story's (Don't worry not gone just less active).

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  • 194 weeks
    Sorry for not being active as of late

    Hi, guys!

    Sorry, I haven't made more chapters or have been active as of recent I haven't been feeling like it.
    Don't worry more will be coming but when? I wouldn't know....

    Hope you'll have a good day :twilightsmile:

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  • 206 weeks
    Update on ''The Beginning of a New Adventure''

    So I did work on the story a bit tonight.
    I'm only about 500 words in right now.
    The chapter should come out (hopefully) with somewhere between 3.000/5.000 words.
    I'll have a 1-week vacation from school after next week in wich I'm planning to continue doing more work on it.
    Don't worry as I said before more is coming!
    Thanks for the patience.

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  • 210 weeks
    I'm still here!

    Sorry that I haven't updated my stories in a while.
    School started again wich mean I'll have less time to work on stories.

    But don't worry The Beginning of a New Adventure isn't ending yet.
    I'm still going to work on it and expand its story. Just not until I have the time for it.
    I hope you all understand this and I'm really sorry about the delays.

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  • 212 weeks
    Chapter 22 in progress!

    So I started working on Chapter 22.

    No idea how long it will be. Probably around 1.000/2.000 words
    Am 500 words in at the moment!

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  • 212 weeks
    More chapters soon!

    Chapter 20 is already done and will be uploaded tomorrow and I have just started on chapter 21!
    (Chapter 20 is a short one, however, sorry about that!)

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So I'm making another story. · 11:01am Aug 7th, 2016

I'm making another story.
I'll say two things about it will be dark and there will be TwiDash.
I'm not going to say more or else I'll spoil it.
There is no release date for it yet since I'm going to write in entire story in one go.
It will be around 5 chapters long with each one supposedly around 4,000/8,000 words long.

I'll post one more blog announcing its finished before I do the final read trough it and correct any errors I see.
But don't get your hopes too high cause it might take some time for it to release since The Beginning of a New Adventure still takes top priority.

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