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Holliday's Thoughts on: Fallout: Equestria Third Wave Demo · 8:58pm Jul 12th, 2016

This editorial made possible by: Sparkle Cola- 'The WINNING soda!'

I’d like to thank the fine people over at Overmare Studios, for allowing a public demo of Fallout Equestria, first and foremost. As a fan of both Fallout, and My Little Pony in general, I figured I’d take a look at the demo for the game.

The demo itself is very small, confined to the post-war Sweet Apple Acres. It’s all mostly to show how everything works, what sort of thing you can expect to see in the full game.

Now, onto the game itself.

The Pros:
-Combat is solid
-Voice acting from NPC’s is great.
-The atmosphere of a dead and dying Sweet Apple Acres pulled at my heartstrings.
-Weapons and magic handle wonderfully.
-Jumping and running is smooth- it never feels slow or ‘limping’.

The Cons:
-If you have a spell equipped, say the magic blast, you can’t use iron sights on guns. Meaning you have to go into the Pip-Buck and unequip the spell, at the beginning/in the middle of a battle, in order to use them.
-Objects, such as shelves and barrels can be pushed around, and push you around, in return. I feel as if they SHOULD be moveable, but at this point, they feel too ‘floaty’.
-Everything looked a bit too...vibrant. The effects don’t need to be- like Fallout 3, where everything has this dead, green glow over it, but it all seemed just a bit too alive.
-While the NPC models, such as the Parasprite, the Protectopony, and the Raiders were all fine, I felt as if the Littlepip model looked a bit too dead-eyed. Although, that might be just because I’m familiar with the character design in the style of the show.

All in all, I am very hyped for the final product, and am very glad that Overmare Studios is so dedicated to this project, and am looking forward to future versions!

Want to watch me play the demo itself?
Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTNLxCd8_S4

Want to play the game yourself?
Find it here: http://theovermare.com/blog/2016/02/wave-3-demo-better-late-than-never-edition

Comments ( 3 )

I'm inclined to agree with all you said in the pros and cons.
I'd just like to add that I hope they give the final product controller support.

4087967 I hope so, too! Even though I use a mouse and keyboard, mostly.

4088528 I don't have the fine motor skills to play games on a keyboard.

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