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Out. Will be back soon. Hopefully.

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  • 341 weeks
    The mirror pool

    Where the brambles are the thickest,
    And howls of wind make blood curl,
    There you find,
    Where our pony reflections whirl,
    A pond beyond the thickest vines,
    Blackened and thorned like a lady's fate,
    A whisper travelling from th' romane ear,
    And though curiosity is tempting bait,
    'Tis not a tale many a foal should hear.

    Coming soon....
    Mirror Pool

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  • 347 weeks
    Exams over


    Exams over.
    Updates will resume around nextweek-ish?
    I think....

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  • 350 weeks
    A little thing.

    First off, my exams will be over in bout 3-4 weeks, so have relief! Updates are comming back soon! Yay!
    Second of all, to the Undertale people, have a great undertale anniversary! Have some art to commemorate the occasion, too!

    Yay Undertale!

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  • 354 weeks
    Updates and snails

    So, having a good day so far, everyone?:twilightsmile:
    This is a little message, stating that story updates will be slowing down, as I have exams in a few weeks time, and in about a month, I may stop updating entirely for a 2-3 week period.:raritydespair:
    Stupid exams.:fluttershbad: Why can't I live without you???
    (Don't despair, keep reading:fluttershyouch:)

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  • 355 weeks
    Bad day?

    Join the club. (No, not really.)
    You having a bad day? Tell me about it! Go right to the comments and rant for fifteen hours! Please do! Dun get depressed! Please just remember you're never alone, and yes, I did this because there are too many depressed people out there who may appreciate a helping hand or listening ear. And I can be that ear! So, go ahead, rant!
    I said-RANT!

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It's Out! · 1:16pm Jun 29th, 2016

The great, n powerful 'The Weaving of tales' is out!!!!!
Go eat it(I mean read it) Today!

Report D Historian · 290 views · #Yay!
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