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    Baer's Mood(s)

    So since I can't find a better way to put up my pic, I'll just...put it like this, I suppose. Mag-freakin'-nificent~

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    Halp!!! ..... Round 2!

    Hey guys! So, I got another one asking for help, if'n you please.

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    So I, being my dumb and derp self, have created a dilemma for myself.

    I don't wanna give out too much (cuz at this point I don't even have enough to give), so I'm just gonna ask y'all:

    Chrysalis or Rarity???

    Again, not gonna say anymore than this, but...which one?

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Daily Sketches · 1:44am Jun 26th, 2016

Comments ( 10 )

Very cool. I gotta say, You draw a fine Discord. I'll hafta take notes here.

4049003 So far, he's the only one I can confidently draw on the fly XD Poor Fluttershy though >.<

Thank you, friend ^^ Again, hopefully it helps :3

4049013 Yeah your Discord does seem more natural than your Flutters, no offense. It might have to do with the fact that he is far more animated in his posture and expression, as well as his body type.

4049036 Oh none taken, rest assured. Plus, his make is more towards my (subpar) forte as well. With females or softer appearances, I have to try extra harder X3

4049054 A good transition would be Eris.

4049101 Hmm.... Rule63 Discord (Hope I got the right number X3) Didn't think of trying that one.

:pinkiehappy: Challenge accepted, friend!

4049115 Yeah gotta be careful with some of those. Yeah her! Go for it!!!

You are really good at drawing Discord! Also love all of the drawings!

4052688 Aww, Thanks! ^^ That's very much appreciated, friend :twilightsmile:

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