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Not much to say about myself -- I'm an Irish guy whose interests include MLP, video games, and occasionally writing fanfics.

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So, Britain is leaving the EU. · 7:54am Jun 24th, 2016

To which I can only say, thank God. For two reasons:

1. Maybe the talking heads here in Ireland will finally stop howling about how Ireland will explode if Britain leaves.

2. Maybe Brussels will pull their heads out of their collective arses and actually start focusing on the serious problems facing Europe vis-à-vis uncontrolled migration and the like, instead of wasting their time by trying to strangle net neutrality.

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Comments ( 4 )

Iunno, man. Scotland's already prepping for a fresh Leave referendum of their own, I've heard more than a few murmurs of Northern Ireland joining the Republic, and the pound's just tanked by a good 12%. Doesn't look to be too many rays of sunshine in this decision ^^;

4046129 I'm not too worried about that. Sure, there's rocky roads ahead, but at the end of the day, democracy is pretty much about fixing the problems you voted in (*cough cough* Trump *cough* Clinton *cough*). I don't think I need to stock up on doomsday supplies just yet.

4046776 Don't worry -- BoJo's a buffoon, but he'll be voted out faster than you can say, "Awright, guv?"

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