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Writer, Gamer, Ticket Manager at HWCon 2018, and can't ever have enough Applejack :heart:

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    I'm Still Around

    Hey everyone

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    Hey guys I'm back!

    Hey everypony

    I'm back with another large size fiction, the sequel to my most popular story The Cutie Mark Crusade: Warm Beginnings . This one is called The Cutie Mark Crusade: Worlds Collide.

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    My Thanks to Best Pony

    I don’t what power you have over me
    But I find myself happy whenever you’re around
    You give me hope in times that are darkest
    And gift me ambition when I falter
    All it takes is one look at your honest face
    A gander at your beautiful leaf green eyes
    The slightest whisper of your melodic countryisms
    And I melt for reasons I don’t fully understand
    I’d do anything to make you happy

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    I just want to let ya know about my writing activity of late. I've been eager to write a sequel to The Cutie Mark Crusade: Warm Beginnings and I have been working on a plotline for that :twilightsmile:

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This pic always gets me.... · 10:08pm Jun 14th, 2016

Dashie likes that, doesn't she? I've got to say id like it too~

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Comments ( 5 )

Is her wings erected?

Can we get more pics like this please?:ajsmug:

I'll make more blogs then ;)

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