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It's all about a name. Complete. · 6:53pm Jun 12th, 2016

Greetings everyone who reads this.

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote something, call it lazy, busy, annoying things, there were [and are a lot of because], but nonetheless I'm back and I plan to make it as often as I can [did someone else feel like a deja vu or just I?].

Anyway, The update in my life or questions I have can wait for another day, today I will try to tell you a story, but not any story. The story about a name or a title. Many might question why I call myself ''The Yaoi Mistress'' and for that we are going back in time, at the begging of the 2000 year.

In the year 2000 [It feels like a sci-fy story XD] all I asked for my 15 year old's birthday was a computer, but being a mexican family in a mexican country I was denied that and got a party [that sounds like another blog story], the next year I got what I wanted and sometime later, internet. Take in consideration that I lived [I still do] in a... well it's not a poor country, but there new stuff usually take years to come here.

Anyway, you have a 17 years old girl who loves anime and started to find about the fandom, after looking for mangas and pictures of Sailor Moon and Pokemon [I did find the rule 34 of them but meh] I arrived to a forum called: 'Pokemon Crystal Palace' I got well along with everyone else, we were like a big family. They got me introduce in programing [you know, having pictures in the mail and posting them in the page] I was exited for this cool stuff.

By that time the golden ship was Ash and Misty and May and Brock. and even I did ship them I didn't like Misty. I feel like she was a bitch since the egg pokemon she was always carrying ¬¬

And I have to stop here. There is a party going on in the living room and I have to get ready for it... dang it. But don't worry, as soon it is over I'll back to tell the rest.

Back again, I know, I know, but a lot of things had happening. That's for another blog.

As I was saying, the golden ship in Pokemon back in the 2000s was Ash and Misty, and I hate Misty [still do], and suddenly on a post I saw this: and other cute pictures like that. Naturally I fell in love with them and started to ask about them, and just like that I got my OTP. We keep talking and messing with each other in the forum.

Then we move on to messenger, when it support group conversations. Four of us were talking about which one was the best couple! Two of us who support yaoi and the other two who did not. The conversation [the important part] went something like this:

YaoiFan: I'm telling you, this is the best couple.
Other guy 1: Now, just because you are upset with the series because Misty is no longer, is no reason to turn to the dark side.
Me: I like Haruka. But I like them together that with a girl.
Other guy 2: Weren't you the one upset for that?
YaoiFan: hah and you still trying to denied it, just admit it.
Other guy 1: NEVER!
Other guy 2:NEVER!!
Me: oh come on! the reasons for the couple are better than with misty.
Other guy 2:NEVER!!
Other guy 1:that is not true and you know it!
YaoiFan: you are just hurting yourself.
Other guy 1: Just because you got a phd on yaoi do not count.
Me: wait you have a phd?
YaoiFan: kind of...
Other guy 2: Why do you think we call him Doctor Yaoi?
Me: I thought it was something fancy. like a in the forum's job or something.
Other guy 1: It is.
YaoiFan: It is.
Other guy 2: It is.
Me: Oh...
Me: if he is going to be the doctor yaoi then I'll be the lady.
Me: I'm gonna be from now on The Yaoi Mistress!!
YaoiFan: (claps) good!
Other guy 1: jajajaja!! go on!!
Other guy 2: nice to meet you Mistress! XD

So that was it. A name that I gave my self joking with a few friends, the conversation maybe do not make sense to you, I made my best translating some of the local slang of the time.

The forum no longer exist, and in memory for it, I keep using the name, besides I'm terrible at naming thinks [just look at my nintendo ID].

I like to think that it's a reminder of my origins in the fandom, it will not make sense to anyone but me and I glad for the memories attached to it. But mostly, it just a name that do not says who I am but where I am.

Please feel free to correct/point my mistakes. Thanks again for taking time to read this.

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