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I'M BACK AND NOBODY CARES XD Meh, I'm here anyways.

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  • 144 weeks
    This accounts probably dead by now but whateves

    I will try to write a quick one shot later today, I just don't write that much about ponies anymore. I mostly write one shots, and chapters in a conjoined universe me and a few colleagues made

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  • 164 weeks
    I'm not dead! Promise!

    I'm sorry I haven't been on here much, but I have reasons!


    Well I'm writing an actual book :>
    Yep a real non copyright based book~

    So thats why I haven't been on here for awhile XD

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  • 171 weeks

    Okay guys, so I'm canceling the new story.

    Why? I don't have time.

    I write 5 full time books, a few of those that I coud get paid for, so I just don't have time for another. I will still post one shots though. i'm so sorry, but I just can't :<


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  • 175 weeks


    This is deserving of a Yay!


    So whatcha guys think of the new story?

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  • 175 weeks
    Thank you guys :3

    This is really awesome! My follower count has climbed! Thank you guys, you guys are awesome!


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FIRST. · 2:49am May 13th, 2016

Yep, could have put something intelligent into that title, but of course had to put first. Welcome to my account. First thing to address is my OC. Ya, ya I know she's an alicorn, but my OC my rules!
Second order of business is to say how much excitement I have about starting my stories. I am currently working on a story and I am in need of help. I need any aspiring artist to help me! My story needs some cover art and I'm at lost. I'm a writer, not an illustrator gosh dangit! If you want to volunteer your skills please send me a message at my private message page.
Thank you for everything and for the first time, SolarStreak OUT! :coolphoto:

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