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I am both a Sin and a Virtue, the roots of Love and of Hate. I write to teach others, so that I can teach myself. I dream to inspire others, so they can inspire me. I am proud. I am Pride.

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    Hello everyone, both followers and those new to me. I am the Sin of Pride.

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The Commissioner · 4:37am Apr 21st, 2016

Hello everyone, both followers and those new to me. I am the Sin of Pride.

While I am rather new to this site as far as fanfictions go, I am not wholey inexperianced as a writer; although, for anonymity's sake, I am unable to disclose the names of my actual works. However, I do harbor the greatest passion for the written and typed word, and it is my deepest sadness that I cannot imagine all the possible stories in the world. That's where you come in. As of now I am currently accepting comissions; these comissioned stories can be about absolutly anything you desire and will be free of charge(barring certain aspects which may constitute a very small fee.) and as auickly as I can draft them while still ensuring their quality.
It should be mentioned that I am currently working on two peices at the moment: Gateway to a New Beginning, and Fate/Noir; the latter of the two being a free commission for a freind. As such, it may take time to finish commissions because I still must attend to these stories.
Should you have any questions or would like to place a comission, please contact me via pm, mail, or by commenting below.

Things Allowed: Sex, gore, alt. Universe, crossover, violence, lemons, bananas, tea, And pretty much anything your heart desires.

Things Not Allowed: Killing Time Turner.

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