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nicknack is a pinkie hater in denial · 7:31am Apr 14th, 2016

He is go look at his Taking care of animals fic and Heart of gold feathers of steel fic are all clear signs he has a pinkie hateboner why wont he just admit he hates pinkie and be done with it? he has her being a serial killer and he has gilda having a seething hatred for her being justified in griffon the brush off. hes using his writing to abuse pinkie because he hates her and he wont admit it thats why hes deleting my friends comments and blocking them because they call him out for this. for some reason hes being evasive and i want to know why. its not that hard to say dude "oh yes i dont like her thats why i have her in a negative light in my stories." and be done with it thats all i ask dude! admit you are a pinkie hater and that you are using your stories to abuse her! The sooner you admit that you have a raging hateboner for pinkie the sooner people will leave you alone about it.

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How dare someone write such a loving, optimistic, happy-go-lucky pony in such a way? He must be destroyed.

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