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    not on today!

    today's memorial day! i will only be on to talk to some of you, later today!
    pray for the veterans!

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Q&A part 1 of 3 · 2:37am Apr 1st, 2016

making 3 parts so everyone around the time zones can participate.

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3840075 i've been reading on fimfiction since 2013, this year i wanted to make a name for myself, so since im gonna work at home and nearby, i want to be a moderator on the site someday, so what better name then cop.

3840091 Being a moderator of this site? That's a rather farfetched goal there friend-o :trixieshiftleft:

How did you get into MLP?

3840132 Don't you mean...?

I CAN DREAM HAROLD! :flutterrage:

Right? :derpytongue2:

3840124 in 2012 i was watching the fox news show red eye and they where talking bad about bronies and so i watched the show to see why everyone was liking it... now you see where i am today!

3840167 What seriously? Wow and I thought my ay of becoming a part of this was an oddball...

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