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    No internet

    So data usage is a go

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    the multiverse watcher Log 1 phantom

    who knew things would be like this i guess that is fate, ah speaking of fate the first interesting pony we have today is the greatest thief in Universe 44 i have given him Codename phantom since he barely leaves a trail to him. now that i hope i got your attention let's talk about him, hailing from Klugetown phantom was a young earth pony colt family poor he started his thieving at age 13 at

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    Melio Fauna Journal 1

    i guess i have to write in this thing i got from the store here in trottingham after i bought my bar/restaurant here. Ah you might be confused the name is Meliodas well was now the name is Melio Fauna nice name i guess but just call me Melio, well i'm getting off track after ahem entering trottingham or this realm i guess feels weird becoming a pony or equine or whatever their now me called so

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  • 151 weeks
    soooo my internet is off

    yea now i can only do limited shit so creating ocs are out

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  • 152 weeks
    sooooo two new OC's huh

    one the old goddess of wrath and love before princess cadence was crowned it she's sadistic and lovely at the same.
    two a colt who went unconscious suddenly waking up to have time break abilities.

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sorry · 12:51am Mar 22nd, 2016

sorry for all the fim fic creators ive haven't been on because of school I'm in the 11th grade and its almost end of the second school semester so i got more work more homework and the up coming exams i know its not that month yet but still gotta study you know and then i got sick last friday i'm still aim only coughing and running nose though I'll still do review's for stories just explaining why I'm not on lately and don't think because it says online i keep my account logged in on my computer so I'm really sorry guys. :applecry:

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Well hope you feel better so . Good to hear from you

to you too king.

Hope you get better soon.

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