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People think us robots can't feel pain, but we actually feel it in slow motion... Awesome right?

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  • 213 weeks
    I'm going away

    Come see me over here
    It's been fun. :twilightsmile:

    1 comments · 482 views
  • 213 weeks
    Someone found me

    I knew I made it obvious but I didn't think I would get found so fast

    3 comments · 581 views
  • 213 weeks
    That sums up my role on this site

    Because making a huge blog about it helps. Nobody cares.

    How about a RIDDLE to see how much you really care about me.
    On this site, an account was recently created. I created it with the sole intent of a fresh start.
    If any of you care enough about me to find this account. I will be happy again.
    The riddler would be proud of me.

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    3 comments · 515 views
  • 213 weeks

    Just leave me.
    That was merely a I'm leaving blog. Not a cry for help blog.


    4 comments · 546 views
  • 213 weeks
    I'm dead inside

    It's time
    Time to end it all.
    I'm not speaking to not cliches either

    If anyone needs me ...
    What am I saying

    No one needs me. I'm just at the bottom of the food chain. The single called organism.

    I am quite legitimately insane. I need nurturing. And not just a babysitter. Or a new family. I need to make some massive changes in my life.

    I'm always looked down on. Spat upon

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    3 comments · 288 views

NEW GROUP! · 7:36am Mar 13th, 2016


Just a madpony with a box.

This is my group, post your Doctor Whooves stories and everything will be fine.


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