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Zootopia · 7:23pm Mar 7th, 2016

So, I went to see Zootopia last night.

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING. It made me laugh, it jerked some tears, and some parts truly scared me. The characters' personalities and dynamic are GOLD; the plot carries poignant notes of realism that I was not expecting and added a third dimension to that already-incredible world; and the message is GREAT and actually makes you think a little.

Easily one of the best movies I've seen this year; definitely going to see it again. I highly recommend it!

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Comments ( 8 )

To me, the message at certain points was a little heavy handed and there were points where it didn't have realism as far as its message goes. One such instance was the ice cream parlor scene. That sort of racism hasn't been around in a long time.

However, there were moments where it really did nail it. That, and there are parts of our society that are racist such as the KKK who somehow still exist and the Black Panthers. So in that regard, the movie actually had a slightly lighter form of it since I don't recall any political groups in the movie that were trying to force their political views through protest. While there was a group working for the villain of the movie, the villain's group wasn't known to that world's general populace like the racist groups we have today in America. That's why I say that while there was a blatant anti-racist message in it, certain bits of realism were actually left out.

Though, again, some parts were heavy handed and unneeded, but other parts did do well with the message.

3806879 I can respect that.


Black Panthers

What do you mean? New or old?

3912799 Whichever is racist against white people.

3912858 The first Black Panther Party was pretty great. Strong anti-racism platform, social work, positive organization, they really did some good things before they broke up.

New Black Panthers, yeah, I do hear that they're pretty Black Supremacist.

Just got to point out, because Black Power =/= Racism.


Just got to point out, because Black Power =/= Racism.

Saying stuff like "Black Power" or "White Power" is racist. You might not be acting poorly towards other races, but if you show favoritism towards a race, you're being racist. It might not be explicitly against anyone, but it is undue praise towards a race.

Now if it was "Black Equality" then that's a different story.

3915867 See, there's a difference between setting one's "race" up as an oppressor and just setting out to throw off shackles and actually becoming comfortable with who you are as a people, etc. etc. Sure, ideally people could just sing kumbayah and abandon the notion of racial identity, but unless that future comes, well, people gotta stand up for themselves.

3921671 And that's all fine. I'm just saying that if you want purely want equality and not supremecy. then don't go around saying "this race power" or "that race power". It sounds less like you want to be considered equal and more like you're boasting about the greatness of a race.

I say it's much better to say "Race Equality". That implies that you want to be equal with other races.

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