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Sun rises dawn of a new day full of tooth pain · 3:32pm Mar 2nd, 2016

Anyone interested in chatting with me
Was gonna write and read but tooth is killing me and I can't focus
So anyone interested in killing some time?

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Go to your local head shop and buy some Kratom- it'll kill ur toothache pain

3787934 would if I could but I live out in the middle of the woods and currently got no car so just gotta wait it out

3787941 ugh. Do u have aspirin? Tylenol?

3787959 have both and think I might OD on it lol

I missed something... What happened to your tooth?:derpytongue2: Also why are you in the woods?

3788027 just a tooth ache
And I live in Kentucky so yeah my house surrounded by trees

3791278 oh I see. Is your tooth doing any better :derpytongue2:

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