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Ok, at this rate a lot are leaving FimFiction. · 3:39am Feb 10th, 2016

And little too myself I plan on leaving at a sooner rate then the others. So maybe in a week or so This weirdo will be gone. Che che

German Girl always run lol

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Comments ( 8 )

3744532 u don't care :c wow such nice friends </3

Please don't leave!!!!!

3744550 I care, like, 50%, but everyone's leaving, it's not a surprise

Nuuuuuuu!:raritydespair: This place would be empty without our cute anime German.:raritycry:

I won't leave, I have nowhere else to put my bullshit stories if I go. :trixieshiftright: But then again here I have nowhere to post my incredibly heightened hype for Batman v Superman. :trixieshiftleft: I'm sort of at an impasse here. :trixieshiftright:

And if you so please to leave, then so be it. It's your decision after all. :twilightsmile:

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