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call me alex ✯ he/him pronouns please (closeted trans kiddo) ✯ I like Rick Riordan's books ✯ sometimes I draw ✯ happily not-single ✯

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    happy tdov everypony!

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*chants* RAR-I-TY RAR-I-TY · 1:04am Jan 24th, 2016

guessss what i did instead of being productive this morning

I got into rarity closet cosplay! :raritystarry:

because i didn't want to upload all the pics on here, this is a link to a google folder for u guys
it also contains SNOW and MY DOG and my yard and my grumpy lil sis

*Note: PLEASE do not repost/ reblog these pictures or use them for anything without asking me first. I don't want to take down this folder, but if I find out someone has been misusing my pictures, I will. And if you want to use any pictures for a cosplay aesthetic, please notify/ask me before AND cite me. Thanks!*

but in case you dont want to look at all the pics (because youre lazy like me) here are some of my favs
(imgur link)

*stares of into distance fabulously*

this smile looks kinda fake

i wish i had a sweetie belle wig for my sis :unsuresweetie:

what's wrong with being, what's wrong with being, what's wrong with being confident?

messing around with photo editing app (and yes that is gold on my lipstick. about 8 years ago we got this thing of edible gold flakes (???) from some of my parents friends (i think) but we never use them for anything except for when I do crafts or cosplay)


i think those boots are size 10 because i've had them a few years

the sky was GORGEOUS

from my patio/balcony thing (and yes that's part of snow-covered BBQ)

i also am currently rewatching rainbow rocks for about the 17th time while reading my history textbook
oh before anyone asks, my wig is Arda-Wigs' Luthien SILKY in violet

anyways, CONGRATS if you made it through this long ass blog

ta ta for now, darlings :duck: :heart:

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Comments ( 6 )

Sometimes I swear you make the same faces my cousin does.

3708185 what if i AM your cousin

3708190 My cousin lives 10 minutes from me.

Very pretty. :scootangel: Also the location you are in looks wonderful

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