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call me alex ✯ he/him pronouns please (closeted trans kiddo) ✯ I like Rick Riordan's books ✯ sometimes I draw ✯ happily not-single ✯

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    happy tdov everypony!

    sorry I've been super inactive on here!!!
    I've been busy with school and rowing and tumblr :twilightsheepish:
    but I just wanted to drop by for trans day of visibility! for those who don't know, I'm a closeted trans guy (Alex- he/him pronouns) so this day is gr8 for me ?️‍?

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    again, going through old blogs

    and i saw the blog from right after my KSU MUN conference

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    lmao i was going through my old blogs

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    hmu if you wanna watch me read poems

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Username? · 3:07am Jan 20th, 2016

Okay so I was thinking about possibly changing my username to nonbinarysunset.
Well I've had my "anonymousjedi" username for as long as I've had my fimfiction, and it referenced a previous username.
Also, I don't feel it represents what i want to be known for in the fandom. I have become much more punny since choosing anonymousjedi, and I feel like nonbinarysunset would be a great way to subtly nod to two of my favorite fandoms.
I headcanon Sunset Shimmer as a nonbinary person/pony using she/they pronouns, and Binary Sunset is a very iconic Star Wars song

BUT if I change my username, it will also change every link to my account
Also, it won't show fluffysam my senpai how much she has impacted my fimfiction experience...
For those who don't know: I first met Fluffysam on Grooveshark in 2013, and we've been friends ever since. She encouraged me to get a fimfiction account, and she has always been super kind and supportive, even when i spam her with ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

TL;DR: basically idk if i should keep anonymousjedi or switch to nonbinarysunset
Anywhooo... What do you guys think?

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Comments ( 7 )

Go with what you want, Fluffy your senpai shouldn't mind

Even if you spam her with lenny faces

There is no way I your senpai did all that...
Also, your Grooveshark was Obi Wan Kenobi{DTTL} XD

3699954 oh yeahhhh

i have awful memory

3700051 .......Really? O///O

3700054 yeah seriously you did

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