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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.

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  • 72 weeks
    Dropping in to try and find some art

    So my hard drive bricked back in the fall, and I finally replaced my computer with the stimulus money. But I don't really have a good way to try and recover the stuff that was on there, so that sucks.

    But, I was hoping for some help in finding one particular bit of pony art that I haven't been able to dig up again since then.

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  • 98 weeks
    a brief summary of my life the past few months

    June 17: I wreck my car.
    July 5: My cousin I grew up with dies after an extended illness.
    July 26: Neighbors threaten to sue us over payment for repairs they did on a shared driveway, wind up paying them over $1,000.
    August 15: Dropped my phone and busted the screen.

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  • 105 weeks
    Welp, that's just... everything fucked, I guess

    So back around June 20, I wrecked my car.

    Then back on August 28, the tires on my wife's car got torn up hitting something on the road, and we wound up needing all new tires.

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  • 106 weeks
    I don't think my cat likes my work

    So it's been a struggle to write anything, for various reasons, but I *was* trying to get back onto Legacy Ch 4 not long ago.

    Then today I was sitting at the table and started hearing faint tearing noises from behind me. I turned around and discovered that somehow my rough draft had wound up on the floor and the cat had done this:

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  • 124 weeks
    Random Encounter

    This was a fun moment. Choppy cause I had to remove a bunch of game speech commands and the usual bit of racist shit-talking.

    Also this was before I found out Scribbler did another reading of my stuff. I would have probably said that instead of RCL.

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Here's a list of things I didn't get done · 4:43am Dec 25th, 2015

So I updated that projects list on my user page, intending to get on some of them right away. Here is is as it stands now:

Round One
Self-Exploration — A bit of fetish clop featuring Twilight and futa. [Mature]

The Naughty List — A bit of holiday-themed clop featuring Trixie and bondage. [Mature]

One Foggy Hearth's Warming — A bit of holiday dark comedy. [Teen]

Round Two
(Untitled) — A bit of Chrysalis redemption and romance. [Teen]

To Be The King — A bit of Human In Equestria subversion. Continuation pending a rewrite. [Teen]

Competition and Companionship — A bit of adventurous SpikeDash romance. Expansion pending a rewrite. [Teen]

Round Three
Shadows of Seaddle — A bit of humanized pony/Shadowrun crossover. [Teen]

Home Sweet Home — A bit of Golden Harvest (Carrot Top) epic journey. [Teen]

Get Lost! — A bit of TrixDash adventurous romance. [Teen]

Stories below this line aren't active projects, but are things I intend to work on sooner rather than later.

Royal Affairs — A bit of Luna shipping and TwiLestia non-shipping. [Teen]

Music of the Night — A bit of musical batpony drama. (Happens concurrently with Royal Affairs.) [Teen]

Van Pinkie — A bit of Pinkie Pie paranoia about batponies. (Related to Music of the Night, but not a proper sequel.) [Everyone]

Princess and Mistress — A bit of TwiShy BDSM fetish clop. [Mature]

(Untitled) x2 — Two stories, A prequel and sequel to "Hot Coffee" with more emphasis on the relationship between Twilight and Hazelnut than the sex. There will still be sex. [Mature]

Castaways — A bit of human-pony relations while lost at sea. [Mature]

Better Drink My Own... — A bit of Lyra surviving isolation. [Teen]

Solitude — A bit of Fluttershy being alone. [Everyone]

I'm Not Doing Crazy Today — A bit of Pinkie being normal. [Everyone]

Immovable Object —A bit of Discord meeting his match. [Everyone]

Invasive Species — A bit of Twilight and her friends trying to rid her home of a pest infestation. [Everyone]

The Twenty-Seven Deaths of Pinkamena Pie — A bit of Pinkie not sleeping much. [Everyone]

The Unfathomable Reaches — A bit of the incomprehensible void between worlds. [Everyone]

You might notice how I haven't posted anything yet. That's mostly because I neglected to consider the fact that I was working in retail during the holiday season and lacked the time or energy to do anything. We'll see if I can start with that Trixie story on the 26th or so and then try to slam out the Hearth's Warming thing before we're totally past anything holiday-themed being appropriate.

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