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This story is a sequel to Predator

(The prequel story is Mature/Gore, but isn't required reading to understand the plot, just an early introduction to an antagonist.)

So, what do you do when your life takes a sudden turn for the worse due to someone else's asinine behavior? Well, if you already paid for that convention ticket and have your costume together, why not go ahead and enjoy yourself. And when your convention trip is interrupted by suddenly waking up in the world of magical talking ponies, in the humanized body of one of the most evil beings they've ever known?

Why not try convincing them you're not a bad guy and then having an adventure? What's a convention compared to that? Of course, it's not like wielding dark magic will make anything go terribly wrong...

Thanks to Asilin, Proper Noun, Exelzior, and Rocinante for their help and input.

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>implying all fics with anti-hero, who used to be normal human, now go straight to LoHAV

So which is it? Are 'Costume becomes Reality' allowed on LoHAV or not?

Well, if Twilight didn't have night-terrors about the Crystal Empire Before, she certainly will now.

I love this story I see the girls freeking out but Sombra goes "King? I've never been a king, but king sombra sound quite nice..." post more soon

I shook my head. It seemed like something… Nevermind. I reached for the staff. After all, why not see just how far this rabbit hole goes?

if you're to go down the rabbit hole might as well take the scenic route:scootangel:

this sounds like a good one, I'll follow

“I am called Sombra,” I said at last.

ffffuuuuuuu you can't have him say that and then cut the chapter! :raritydespair:

Favorited/Liked. Looking forward to seeing where this one will go.

Why all the cosplay fics?

Because one got really popular.

great fic, can't wait to see what happens next. update soon

I wrote it in response to the costume-becomes-real trend because I noticed many of them didn't bother to explain the how or why of the events, plus I couldn't understand why you'd write someone cosplaying a character in Equestria instead of just writing a crossover fic with that character. I tried to come up with a story where having it be someone other than the actual character was relevant, and where the transformation and trip to Equestria happened for a reason. This was the result.

I hadn't decided if I'd submit it to LoHAV or not.

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Barring work and family obligations getting in the way, I'm going to try to update this once or twice a week, and should get the next ones up Sunday/Monday and Thursday/Friday. Though if I start getting burnt out on it, I'll be taking a few days off to work on my other Adventure fics or some one-shot ideas.

4358104 Because reading things can spark imagination bro. When there are famous ideas, shouldn't we learn from them?

yay now sombra quick get up and KILL IT!!! KILL IT DEAD!!!

I see you too have worked for Hellmart.

Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

haaaa. Good ol timberwolves. Thinkin of using them mahself in my fic as well.

DAMNIT! WHY DID YOU TELL THEM YOU WERE SOMBRA?! Now they're going to freak out or some shit!

Get the fuck up Sombra, use that overpowered magic that you've been given and save those you love!

I love the story so far :twilightsmile: try only complaint is is it possible to make the perspective switch a little clearer? I was a little confused when I first red this chapter thinking I missed something (>'.')>

Whenever I get the next chapter up, I'm planning on going back and finding some kind of header images to put at the top to make it clear whose chapter it is.

But for the majority of the story, odd numbers will be Sombra and even numbers will be Twilight.

I want to give you a hug for writing this story....

Wow...that's surprisingly nice for you.

...then I strap you to a table and chop off your limbs with out killing you first!!

aaand there is the violent part

Excellent work, darling! It's like someone pressed F5 in my story-reading bone! I'm glad to see a good idea that isn't ruined by someone whose story-writing bone is too weak to even lift :moustache:

>The vine creature stretched upwards and clamped it’s jaw around the base of the red object

>popped her mane back out into it’s normal curly mass

>giggle at the ghostly

if Sombra had that much power, Celestia and Luna wouldn’t have stood a chance against him a thousand years ago!

Just for logic's sake, everyone agrees that magic obviously gets better with practice, right? Well, Sombra could still use magic during those thousand years. He could have gotten MUCH stronger.

Sombra shouldn’t have any way of knowing about the mirror world creatures.

The portal opens every 2.5 years. Sombra probably ruled a long time. How could he NOT know?

I'm going off the idea that since he was imprisoned in the northern ice, he didn't exactly have an opportunity to practice or develop his magic. If he had access to it at all, it was either going into sustaining him, or trying to wear down the magic trapping him there.

The portal mirror gets moved around. It was in Canterlot when Sunset Shimmer used it. It's possible it wasn't in the Crystal Empire when Sombra took over.

Alternately, Twilight could simply be making a poor assumption on this point.

4915542 Second one, good point. But for the fist one, he's an ex-king. He would probably understand enough to train his powers till he was strong enough as an investment. He'd probably get out fast, and with a general power boost.

I know exactly how this guy feels. When i worked at Frys Electronics all i could think about was burning the store down.
It made me feel like this but with store.

Considering Celestia has in the comics traveled to other worlds, including one where she herself is evil, there being a good Sombra isn't that much of a stretch.

Is this story still active? It seems to be quite a good story and I would like to know when the next chapter will be out.

I got stuck on a part in chapter three I just couldn't rewrite to my satisfaction, put it aside for what I meant to be a couple weeks, and then wound up participating in a bunch of contests and challenges. I'm planning on getting back to it soon, presuming I can find the time to work on it.

UPDATE!!! And needing more:pinkiehappy:

I have a sneaking suspicion that poor Fluttershy isn't whole and sound... Reading Predator made me nervous for the poor thing.

You mentioned EqG. Did that happen in this universe?

Another fun chapter. Look forward to the next.

Yeah, EQG is canon here. The magic mirror is involved, but I don't think that will really come up until chapter 13.

... Please don't tell me that Celestia is in love with Alternate!Sombra

i'm eagerly awaiting more of this good story

I may drop references, but I dont generally include the comics in my fic canon. IDW Sombra will not be appearing in this film, and Human Sombra has about as much chance of getting into Sunbutt's bed as you or me.

"Mil" means "Thousand", so, if they are half a dozen hands, that would make it "Seis Fleur".

Still, I'm glad this story is back in business!

I would like for him to make some bullshit lie like:

His world's magic works like: Magic + Will Power + Imagination = Spells
Their's magic works like: Magic + Will Power + Imagination + Emotion (Depending on the type of magic) = Spells

That way he can make it so they think in his world dark magic is call so just because of it's Nature attributes and not because it Evil. It just a different Nature magic from the rest. That would be one way to make them not think he's evil.

“We seek out the fragments, and I draw them into my staff. Once we have gathered them all, we purge the staff.”
Twilight rubbed her chin. “That… that should work, I think. It would take some time to gather them all, but once we do, the Crystal Heart should be able to purify your staff. It shattered Sombra, so I’m sure that with no escape route, it could wipe that magic out entirely.”

I think that Sombra (both of them I suppose) would not be very happy at being reverted back into a normal human...

He just used "mil" because that's what Nico Robin says when she summons giant hands with her devil fruit power. He probably doesn't realize that she says "mil" because the giant hands are a combination of thousands of normal-sized ones.

Also yes, I'm working references in whenever possible.

That's more thought than he's putting into this.

He has some plans about that. Not sure if they'll be revealed before it get to that point, though.

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