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  • 327 weeks
    Blog? When? What?

    So.... I am making this because someone got back to me after i posted WIP chapter not long after I posted it.

    So I will be even more dormant as I leave for the Navy May 24. Yes that time has come. 21 days from now.

    thats all for now, i guess

    When was the last time i posted? March 8th. Man i feel like its been forever.

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  • 335 weeks

    I need to get this off my phone. I tried to write it but it was terrible.

    Sonata lead
    Dazzles good ponies and singers
    Music makes good
    Aria outshown by others fall into dark
    Discord takes power from windagos
    Temps aria
    Dis gives power (lose stones lose voice)
    Aria takes it, gives to others
    Evil sirens

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  • 335 weeks
    Birthday (belated)

    So March 7 is my birthday. I am 20, I am old (in the young way)

    I will updating later the past 2 decades~that make me fee l old

    Some things to come:
    Blues clues
    Kids bop
    Somerset patriots
    Flip phone (incl razor, blackberry)
    Comerce bank

    And more

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  • 346 weeks
    NERF battles: Sidearms- Hammershot vs Strongarm

    (note this was originally written for a YouTube post of a Hammershot mod)

    And now for other products of the overload HASBRO.

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  • 347 weeks
    The Army Navy Game

    SO this weekend is the Army Navy Game. For the past 13 years, Navy has dominated Army on the BattleFootball field. Which begs the question: When is it going to be called the Navy Army Game.

    Your thoughts on this game?

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New Story sent to Mods · 7:55am Nov 15th, 2015

I have a new story

heres the A/N. Im to tired to write anything new:

So this took a few hours, i had the creative bug.
This was a new idea that I started to put together a day or two ago, and wrote this entire first chapter in 6-7hours.
Before that, I tired to get started on my other story KanColle Vietnam. I hadn't worked on that in a 2-3 months. It was an OK start, then block, then start, then crawl. Least to say after a few hours, I am almost done with that first chapter. But something called me to write this; so I put that aside and wrote this. Holy $h1t, 1500 words. Man did i have fun writing this.
Now I am a Brony, and I love KanColle (Reading a KanColle fiction and following a spin-off project of American Ships), but I never really put them together till now. And Woah! when I looked up "KanColle MLP" Holy $h!t do i love it. Though there are few, I still love it. I was like [insert HALLELUJAH meme here]. yeah.
So it is 2:20am on Saturday, I have work in 14 hours. Man look where the time went. Ok im tired. Off to the Mods.

(its 3pm now-goodnight)

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