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I Don't Typically Let Life Get Me Angry... · 1:34am Sep 17th, 2015

I'm usually a really chill person. I think life is too short to be concerned with the little things that might darken my day. I try to let things roll off my back, simply because I don't need the stress in my life. I don't normally get too angry about most things.

I'm f*cking pissed.

About a week ago, my friend got me into this Naruto Role Play, where you join this Kik group, make an OC, and live as that character. It was fun, albeit a bit bumpy and rough around the edges. It was all fun and games, though. The other day, my original OC died in the destruction of my village, so I made a new one. Her name was going to be Akira Yama, her middle name was Tori, and it would've been hilarious! Part of joining this group is sending in an OC sheet, describing your characters skills, backstory, personality and a physical description. While doing so, I decided that I'd make Akira a chick with purple hair. Then, I thought about how plain that was, so I gave her blue highlights. Now is eye color, and I go for blue. Then, I realize that my Naruto OC was actually Starlight Glimmer. So I post this as my profile pic on Kik:

I'm poking through the chat, when someone posts:

"Is that Twilight Sparkle?"

Me, being the idiot who assumes that people will react in proportion to the situation, gently correct him and say that, no, it is not Twilight Sparkle, it is actually Starlight Glimmer

That's when the world went crazy.

I haven't encountered brony-shaming or anything of that sort in ages. I thought the world had finally moved on. I was wrong. Because what do you think happened next? Do you think they:

A) Asked me about the wonders of the show
B) Shook their heads in confusion, but went about their business as if this fact had no impact on their lives
C)Excitedly declare that they are also bronies

The answer is D. I was banned for being a brony, and I am pissed. I'm beyond pissed. I need to calm down somehow.

Thank Celestia for anime and soda. See you guys on a happier day, hopefully.

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