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    Contest for a glitch in Equestria series

    Okay as I mentioned to a couple of my readers of a glitch in Equestria I decided to make a little contest. Mainly as incentive for people to guess at part of my story for those that like it.

    First five to guess what I meant about Malhare being able to escape the game will get a animatronic of their design put into the series when I get to that point. I'm about to go over the rules.

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    1st rule: the escape room can only have a minimum of six puzzles, maximum is eight per room.

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    fire emblem on deviant art

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Kamen rider mach's new form · 4:19am Sep 14th, 2015

Well I just saw episode 46 raw on YouTube for Kamen rider drive and man shit is hitting the fan. Gou used the shift chaser signal bike to enter what I'm calling mach chaser form and really gave banno a curb stomp. I actually saw chase's three viral cores he got from heart help gou in getting the upper hand. I think shift chaser actually absorbed the viral cores there. Then sigma became active and started banno's plan after gou managed to be rid of banno for good acknowledging that the farther he and kiriko knew was gone and a monster took his place. Medic sacrificed herself to heal Shinosuke after sigma gave him and heart a beating and it looks like the final battle is about to commence and we hear a new catchphrase though the only thing I understood was the word overdrive. I will say this though. Episode 49 and 50 are going to be interesting when kamen rider ghost appears. Shame I can't watch surprise future yet then I can say I saw all of kamen rider drive. It's definitely been quite a ride here. Only 4 episodes left and it's been such a journey. The future is still to come and I can't wait to see how this ends for drive. And we actually got a confirmed pairing for this series as surprisingly not many riders have a romantic relationship. I can count only four riders now that has such a relationship. Stronger, ryuki, zeronos and now drive. Stronger and ryuki are the only riders that have had their loves die on them, zeronos had that quirk of erasing everyone's memories with the exception of his supposed to be brother in law. Hey I caught on to the fact yuuto is hana's farther which means ryuutaro had been hanging out with his neice since he became a rider. For drive he is the only rider that hasn't had much relationship troubles though he realizes his feelings a bit late even when it was obvious to others. Eiji from surprise future confirmed this. Huh now barring the deno riders there has been a recent increase of time travel being involved with kamen riders. Aqua, fourze, ooo, and now Eiji and his roimude counterpart who is dark drive. Think toei is trying to tell us something here?

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