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    Hope you enjoyed it
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  • Monday
    Who would you ship Crimson Crown with?

    For those that know, Crimson is an OC I made a few years ago and have been working on him for a while until I finally felt ready to include him in two stories so far.

    Terror in Equestria and A Ponyville Ghost Train.

    Now the question is, who do you ship him with and why? (use what you've seen of Crimson in my stories)

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    Story Idea I'm working on

    Feel free to take a look at what I have so far
    Story as of now

    Ships will be
    Dislestia, Luna/OC, StoneRose, one sided LunaSombra, and many others that are being planned.

    However, ships will not make this story. I will be working hard on this one so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy.

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  • 3 weeks

    And I'll let you see the beginning if the next two stories I'm working on.

    Sequel to Ghost story
    beginning of a new one OC/Luna, Dislestia, implied SomLuna. Unknown on other pairings

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  • 5 weeks
    Got a new story planned

    Here is the picture that inspired me to do this

    Here is what I planned so far

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Still need to draw better · 2:46am Sep 3rd, 2015

But when I draw by hand, I do better than with a mouse

What could be done to make it better (besides use different paper and not use tablet to take picture)

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Comments ( 6 )

Umm you wanna see my hand drawings?

3365829 now I remember. I'm rarely on the General-Crimson account. I mostly see yours through blogs

Sure I could help you!

First you have to remember, you can't just draw straightforwardly, the lines, curves, or whatever your drawing need to be light, sketch them out first, draw small lines joined, to make the shape of what you're drawing, improve, if you think the shape of the drawing is not how you prefer, don't erase, just draw on top of it, to get the right shape (again draw lightly and erase later).

Never draw one straight line, sure if it's an easy one you could, but not darkly.

When you're finished with your sketch, darken the lines, and if there are any light lines that are poking out just erase.

And a 2B pencil might help, it's not required, but it might help you with sketching or getting darker shades.

Here is an eg. em.wattpad.com/6d7d9e541524a3c457ebccceadf395f909c653a9/68747470733a2f2f642e776174747061642e636f6d2f73746f72795f70617274732f3136343039323238362f696d616765732f313430303731633961616633613538382e6a7067

I obviously didn't darken but still…

I hope this helped ^_^

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