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  • 277 weeks
    Scootaloo's Family

    C'mon people! we need some Scootaloo's Lazy Babysitter stories!

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  • 278 weeks

    :pinkiehappy: I'm going to try and write something. I need inspiration.

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  • 278 weeks
    Here We Are

    To celebrate the fact that Season 6 is in 2 days, here is my new favourite song. Here We Are by BlackGryph0n and Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom). They've done so many incredible songs over the past 3 years, but this is their best one. It's so much more than your ordinary CMC song. It's so powerful and so so relatable. Let's ignore the fact that it made me cry, (inside), and just enjoy some

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  • 278 weeks
    I Made A Group!

    For Candy Mane! An adorable background pony!

    Here it is: Candy Mane Fans!

    EDIT: I fixed the link so it actually links to the group now. Really sorry if I confused anyone. :facehoof:

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  • 279 weeks
    New Avatar!

    Even baby changeling queens need teddy bears. :yay:

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A Sequel! · 4:29pm Jul 23rd, 2015

In the comments to my story My Little Pony: Flying Is Magic, ChaoticRainbow said it would be funny if somehow Apple Bloom flew as well. So I made a sequel, where she does. Kind of. Not really.

EDIT: PiMan also said that Pinkie's party cannon could make that possible, so...

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