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I'm waiting for big news! · 3:17am Jul 21st, 2015

They said they'd get back to me today, but they didn't! It's driving me batty!

Huh... I wonder if bats make good pets? Used to get a lot of the little buggers back at my folk's place. We'd throw up our shoes and watch them swoop at them. I once almost took a bat to the face myself.

This would explain a lot of things.

Anyway, I'm very very busy this week. With recent developments, things may be going my way again!

And always remember to brush!

Brushie, brushie, brushie!

Comments ( 3 )

I want domestic bats. They're adorable!

I think bats are incredibly cute, too! They're one of my favorite drawing subjects.

3652786 And don't get me started on their pony versions.

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