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Part of the displaced group. Likes adventure, machines and foxes with cats. Dragon fan and part of toa coy's writer group.

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  • 48 weeks
    so im looking for a fic

    as the title says im looking for a fic. all i remember of it was that twilight and friends go to canterlot only for twilight to get killed and after waking up in a strange room goes through a kind of time loop of the day she died trying to avoid her death and catch her killer. all i also remember was it being based on a video game so yeah any help would be appreciated.

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  • 58 weeks
    Escape room challenge!


    Thats right bronies and pegasisters! I'm starting a challenge and for it I'm going to start a group dedicated to escape room stories. I want it to be a shared universe for the stories so let me tell you the rules of this challenge.

    1st rule: the escape room can only have a minimum of six puzzles, maximum is eight per room.

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  • 252 weeks
    Ganbarizing Rewrite!

    That's right folks I'm rewriting ganbarizing as I kinda realized I didn't have a exact path for the story and with the permission of a certain fan comic author I'm placing my Ganbaride character in a slightly different setting. So bear with me on this.

    Changes I made are: different character for the main character, new cast for the story, and minor differences for events.

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  • 308 weeks
    fire emblem on deviant art

    okay so someone on deviant is making a fire emblem play-through and as i was the first to get interested they asked me to spread it around and who better then doing a blog from my various accounts that actually has a blog. im going to leave the link to the post itself here.fire emblem

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  • 314 weeks
    Ghost clips!

    Well I just checked Jefusion and we finally get a full transformation clip for kamen rider ghost. I immediately saw a kingdom hearts reference alongside a faiz reference in the transformation. The faiz reference was that like faiz a design appears then a flash creating the suit but the kingdom hearts reference was that pre-damashii form resembles vanitas in full costume quite a lot. Now that I

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Pixels · 9:00am Jul 14th, 2015

Okay I just heard about the new movie coming out soon called pixels. Looks interesting I guess and it caught my interest. But what I'm surprised about is that it's using retro games which gives me some ideas about a future fictional group that might be fun to see here. A group of mlp fics with elements of pixels added in. I mean we got fics where game elements are thrown in. Why not kick it up a notch. So here's my proposal for this. We each start writing pixels stories and see what happens.

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Bring in Discord as he is eating popcorn and slurps on chocolate rain as he enjoy the wonderful field of chaos.

3236981 I'm guessing you like the idea. :) I started up a group called pixels and ponies for this kind of gaming fun. The stories will be split in two folders: gamerverse and equestrian videogames. The latter is for stories of our favorite characters playing video games while the former is added game elements directly to their reality. I may male a third folder called pixelverse for a kind of mix of the other two based of the new movie.

I wish you and everyone luck since I will be occupy by my own stories. I am predicting there will large amounts in this group. If I am understanding this group will be packed with ponies playing games which will be mostly comedy and any games parodies replace by ponies. I am also guessing characters from the actual game verse(or ponified version) will enter MLP. So anything I am missing so far. I think the idea is good though.

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