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    BronyCon 2018 is upon us!

    Hey guys I just bought my ticket to BronyCon 2018 and Im soo excited! If there is anyone out there that is also going and wants to hang out and share a room PM!

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    5 years of Fimfciton goodness!

    Today is my 5th anniversary fimfiction! I again would like to thank each and everyone of you that read and supported my fics. Don't worry there is more fics coming as well!

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    Happy 23rd Birthday to me!

    I go him for my birthday and he is freaking awesome!

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    The Streaker Series 50th chapter is here!

    Wow guy 50 chapters, 50 freaking chapters! I can't believe My Streaker Series reached 50 chapters that's incredible! I never though it would get so many when I first started this. I only have all of you to thank for this. I hope we can get another 50 in the future!

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    Yo go check out this awesome youtuber!

    Hey guys I just want to metion this youbtuber he is Just a joe average let's player, that focuses on a multitude of games ranging from horror games to first person shooters, and in depth puzzle games like portal, call of duty, and Five Night's at Freddie's. He just wants to provide content that markiplier and pewidiepew create. He has the potential to be great and entertain you for hours on end!

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I need help finding an old cartoon. · 3:36am Jul 14th, 2015

From what I remember it had this kid and he had two robots one of them was a short one about his size. The second was a lion-like robot that walked on all fours. Both robots combined to form one slightly bigger robot and the kid and his two robots where in some kind of competition or tournament. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

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Sounds like Daigunder

Altho that kid also had other robots besides the small humanoid, the lion and the fusion body but all they ever did from what I can remember is fuse into weapons for the larger fused bot to use.

american or Japaneses?

3236762 Holy shit that's it you found it! Thank you so much you have no idea how long I've been looking for that!

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