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Happy Day of 'Murica · 6:39pm Jul 4th, 2015

C'mon, everyone! Time to get your patriotic hype on!

As for the episode that aired today, to put it bluntly, it's a must-watch; filled with a adorkably guilt-ridden Twilight characterized by restrained but good writing with a plot that focuses on the heartfelt emotions of the cast and only involving the necessary characters to drive the story along. Not to mention harking back to good ol' snarky and rational Spike, who had plenty of screentime and involvement and didn't feel as stitched into the writing as he could have been. Not bad, Larson, not bad. You get only one angrily shaking fist instead of the usual two and a disgruntled ankle this time.

Hope any y'all reading this have a wonderful holiday! :pinkiehappy:

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EVERYONE PARTY LIKE IT'S THE 4TH OF JU......oh wait it is.

This was easily one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far.

It's kinda sweet that Spike got to hand Moondancer a gift that he was prevented from delivering during his first few seconds of screen time. Or at least it would be nice if I didn't feel like the only person who gave a shit.

The concept of this episode was surpising in that it spawned from a seemingly unimportant bit of CONTINUITY! (thank you Silver Quill ,you may go now) Better still, the fallout with Moondancer may be one of the deepest issues the show has handled yet. (you know, other than the five stages of grief) Also, I think my favorite minor detail may have been the combining of levitation magic with the adjusting glasses trope.

During Minuettes introduction and the following scene, I was worried that it was going to be one of those "using someone for their popularity/power" plots. I am so glad the writers didn't go that route. My only nitpick is that Twilight's acquaintances from her "not interested in friendship" days where retconned into old friends.

I have to say, with 9 great episodes, 1 good episode and only one meh episode, this is so far looking like it may become my favorite season. What's that you say? I'm forgetting one? Princess Spike? ...Never heard of it.

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