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Part of the displaced group. Likes adventure, machines and foxes with cats. Dragon fan and part of toa coy's writer group.

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  • 36 weeks
    Contest for a glitch in Equestria series

    Okay as I mentioned to a couple of my readers of a glitch in Equestria I decided to make a little contest. Mainly as incentive for people to guess at part of my story for those that like it.

    First five to guess what I meant about Malhare being able to escape the game will get a animatronic of their design put into the series when I get to that point. I'm about to go over the rules.

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  • 116 weeks
    so im looking for a fic

    as the title says im looking for a fic. all i remember of it was that twilight and friends go to canterlot only for twilight to get killed and after waking up in a strange room goes through a kind of time loop of the day she died trying to avoid her death and catch her killer. all i also remember was it being based on a video game so yeah any help would be appreciated.

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  • 127 weeks
    Escape room challenge!


    Thats right bronies and pegasisters! I'm starting a challenge and for it I'm going to start a group dedicated to escape room stories. I want it to be a shared universe for the stories so let me tell you the rules of this challenge.

    1st rule: the escape room can only have a minimum of six puzzles, maximum is eight per room.

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  • 321 weeks
    Ganbarizing Rewrite!

    That's right folks I'm rewriting ganbarizing as I kinda realized I didn't have a exact path for the story and with the permission of a certain fan comic author I'm placing my Ganbaride character in a slightly different setting. So bear with me on this.

    Changes I made are: different character for the main character, new cast for the story, and minor differences for events.

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  • 376 weeks
    fire emblem on deviant art

    okay so someone on deviant is making a fire emblem play-through and as i was the first to get interested they asked me to spread it around and who better then doing a blog from my various accounts that actually has a blog. im going to leave the link to the post itself here.fire emblem

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Kamen ride drive update · 6:47am Jun 28th, 2015

Okay I just watched the clips to episode 35 and looks like medic is also redeemable if the short fight she had with brain was any indication. Anyone else noted her human form resembles kiriko? Things semester to be heating up as friction entered the roimude camp.

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