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I am a college student, who love mlp since I was little and was drag back into the fandom five years ago. I love chatting with people about ponies, so feel free to have a random chat with me.

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My thoughts on: "Party Pooped" (MLP season 5 , episode 11) (SPOILERS) · 6:08am Jun 28th, 2015

The pacing was a little odd and confusing and I feel like Pinkie deserved more praise for I don’t know the prevention of a war (Hello Celestia? Seriously praise the pink horse a little more instead of the purple one)? However the expressions, comedy and our main characters in general were great, so I had fun watching this one. S\We deal with some of the rudest and cruelest Yaks ever like how intelligence this episode made her. She was even smart enough to know that the Yaks weren’t going to make it home cause of the sheep. I like how Pinkie ventured all the way to Yaksville. Not entirely sure if that is right. It was funny it took one trip to roll all the way back to Ponyville. I am glad Pinkie met Cherry and Cadence on the way there. I was so excite that Pinkie is like the Batman of Parties with her own Party Cave and years of research of all the Ponies in Ponyville. i seriously wanna know, what traumatic Experience made Twilight afraid of quesadilla’s XD

Over all it was a good episode, I give this episode, a 5 (and half) cuties marks (out of six).

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I thought it was bad that another species was presented as Titanic douchebags compared to the ponies and got away with serious cases of Vandalism.

3191414 True but it might not count for all yaks.

Teenage Dragons= they are teenagers so don't think that count for the older dRAGONS

THE GRIFFONS= WE ONLY SEE A TOWN OF griffons and they might not be part of the griffon kingdom.

Centaur (Not G1 but G4)= they only Centaur was Tirek and he was from "A distant land" so there more than one Centaur that we haven't seen (going to say that Draconequus, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs)

And not all non- ponies are a bad:
Changelings ( mainly thanks to the one moment in Slice on Life.)
Sea serpent
The Smooze
and that one unnamed young yak

3203157 I was talking about the species introduced in season 4.

3203244 Oooooooooooo, yeah my bad.

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