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Ytak reads. A lot. Probably spends too much time reading. Or that sentence blasphemous?

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Silly story idea · 2:27pm Jun 26th, 2015

So, of course the silliest (and most dramatic) ideas hit while I'm lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. This time it is silly but could potentially be amazing. A fusion of Cardcaptor Sakura and MLP:FiM. I give you: Cardcaptor Twilight Sparkle. Celestia could stand in for Kero, Luna for Yue. Or they could be manifestations of The Sun and The Moon card respectively. Rarity as a stand in for Tomoyo? Or, instead, the cards could be the long lost creation of Star Swirl (Starswirl?) the Bearded and are "found" by the Mane 6. There are options. :twilightsmile:

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Write this, please. These are my two favorite things put together and it would be so cute!

Especially Celestia Kero and Luna Yue. I see so much of both CCS characters in their personalities.

Let me see if the plunnies (plot bunnies) bite more than just the idea. I'd want to have to story well underway before posting it.


I totally understand that feeling. That's actually why some of my series aren't updating all that much. Glad you aren't getting into that habit of being tempted by an idea without realizing you don't have anything else beyond it yet.

At the very least, I see no reason I can't try for a one-shot. A couple thousand words and then an open invitation for other people to continue it. :twilightsmile:

Now that I think about it, Sakura was about 10 at the start of the series and that would be a perfectly reasonable age for Twilight Sparkle to get her cutie mark and still be within an acceptable age range to get the mark. I know the show likes to show grade school aged foals getting cutie marks but there are some things you don't know your good at until older.

Confounded! Now you have me thinking about this again when I already have two one-shots started.


Sorry about that. I know what it's like to have too many ideas...

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