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  • 102 weeks

    It's been awhile (a few years)

    Basically I lost interest in the mlp fandom, moved back in with my parents, moved out again, took lsd, moved back in with my parents (who now treat me a lot better), had an existential crisis and became Schizophrenic. I also found out I'm MtF trans so... Things have been hectic.

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    6 comments · 160 views
  • 228 weeks
    New Equestria+Test Cover Art

    All credit goes to: http://amalgamzaku.deviantart.com/ What do you think guys?

    4 comments · 307 views
  • 228 weeks
    Explaining Inactivity

    First off, I do apologize for the on again off again activity. I've been dealing with the stress of moving out recently, not to mention all the shifts I've been picking up at work. I didn't even have WiFi when I first moved in and I just now got it. Definitely try and finish up a chapter today, I do apologize for the wait.

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  • 231 weeks
    I got a laptop

    I finally got a laptop and I'm moving out in a few days so... Writing should move along a lot faster since I don't have to get up early and bike to the library to get any writing done anymore.

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  • 234 weeks
    Work Schedule

    I've had a little bit of a harsh work schedule this week (5 graveyard shifts in a row) so it's enabled me unable to get up on time and actually write anything until today. I intend to take full use of my three days off and will try to be up and writing every single morning. I can't keep setting deadlines for myself but I do promise that right now I am working on Equestria + Test and I hope to get

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Don't Give Up On Me! · 6:35am Jun 19th, 2015

So I haven't given up writing. I've been trying to finish Suicidal Ideation is magic for awhile now. I turned 18 and got a part-time job so there's been a lot going on. I've also been threatened to get kicked out, had my little pony toys thrown away, and had my fetish revealed to my grandparents, (My parents literally explained it as if I used my toys to actually preform magic and use hypnosis). So yeah, it's been fun. If I disappear randomly off the internet or stop writing abruptly you'll know why. My life is going to be hell until I move out. Also I have a tumblr. It's kind of NSFW so if my parents end up finding it it may end up getting taken down. My parents don't understand me. I'm a Liberal, I take risks and I make mistakes (*cough* Obama *cough*) Anyway, the link to my tumblr is down below.


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Conservatives for the win! And man, that sucks. This is a perfect example of people fearing/disliking what they can't comprehend. #equality

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