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  • 300 weeks
    Working on Chapter 4!

    I just started on chapter four tonight, now that I've gotten settled in at home with no company and just my laptop and some Mountain Dew to keep me entertained. Things are really going to start getting exciting here pretty soon, so stay tuned!

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  • 301 weeks
    The Hiatus is almost over!

    So for anyone who's been looking for a new chapter in Journey won't have to wait too much longer! This coming week is finals week, which mean I'll have some time to get some writing in! And next semester will hopefully be a lot slower and easier, so I should have time to keep up with my writing. I've been aching to write for so long now, but I just always have something going on that I should be

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  • 317 weeks
    Looking to update this weekend... maybe.

    Well, hell week is over and class starts tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a chapter up this weekend, but my 21st birthday is this weekend, so I dunno. It's not until Sunday, and I don't plan on doing shit Saturday, so maybe I'll try to get it up Saturday, if I write all through the week in my free time.

    So just be on the lookout!

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  • 318 weeks
    Updates will be slowing down, probably

    Eyy ya'll. So marching camp for us starts tomorrow, and then classes start next Monday. So while I'd still like to get a chapter a week down, it's going to be tricky, since I'll be very busy, and very tired. So, instead of a weekly chapter, it's probably going to be moved to a bi-weekly and maybe but hopefully not, a tri-weekly chapter.

    So just hang in there, the writing will come, I promise!

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  • 319 weeks
    Sleep deprived rant on FiMfiction's shitty quality control

    I'm probably annoying my friends on Skype to death with my constant bitching and moaning over things I'm noticing on this website right now. Maybe I'm just a little (read, very) salty because around the same time I posted the first chapter to Journey, there was a story in the featured that was also released around the same time, and was a displaced story with an op slenderwoman OC, that had shit

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Coming Soon: A new story! · 3:35am Jun 19th, 2015

Anyone who is following my other two stories that I have open are face palming hard right now -- but have no fear!

I've been writing on this next story for a good two weeks now, and have just finished the synopsis for the whole thing. That means that I know all of the story, and how it's going to go. And THAT means that this story is more than likely going to be finished once it's started (which is already is, technically)!

I've just started writing the chapter outlines and what's going to happen in each chapter so I can get a sense of how long this is going to be, and how do do some stuff with the story. I'm loving the story so far, and am very excited to be writing something and not wanting to drop it so quickly. So, in the coming month or so, be on the lookout for the first chapter of The Edge of the World, featuring yours and my favorite pony, Twilight Sparkle! It's going to have epic magic based around the concept of alchemy, some sad and happy feels, some true friendship, big adventure (tons of fun!), some really weird ass shit that's hard to describe, and some cool ass Deus Ex Machina stuff that will be really cool! It should be really fun for people who like super powered Twilight stories like I do.

Again, I'm excited for this, and I hope that you all are too!

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