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  • 205 weeks
    New Avatar, Part 2

    Until today, this was my avatar:

    Now, I'm using this avatar:

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  • 258 weeks
    Shocking news!

    That is all.

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  • 260 weeks
    Badly done rant about TCB origins and wasted potential.

    A remark in this blogpost prompted me to start talking about TCB again, and my comment quickly turned into this gigantic mess. I'm not a writer, just one of your better reader and commenters, but jeez I am surprised I have this much I want to talk about with TCB. It got so big that I've made it a blogpost instead of a

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  • 351 weeks
    New avatar

    So I got a little tired of having a frown everywhere. Unfortunately, this does mean nothing I say will be nearly as sardonic as it was before.

    I'll miss you, grumpy-pants.

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  • 357 weeks
    Regidar approves!

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Shocking news! · 1:50am Jun 14th, 2015

That is all.

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