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Just a dude from Austria who likes MLP

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  • 467 weeks
    If youre Longboarding...

    Rule number 1 NEVER go Longboarding when it looks stormy and it starts to rain :facehoof:

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  • 468 weeks
    Im done...

    Don't even dare talk to me for now.... im done... im feeling betrayed from everypony... even here at school... even in my whole life..

    Sorry to everypony who i annoyed with my stupid pointless blogs who nopony cares about...
    sorry that I even excist...
    If somepony wants to talk then feel free but tomorrow i will be offline till 8th july ...
    bye bye ....

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  • 468 weeks

    does god like to see me suffering....

    Ich nehm mir immer wieder vor ich fass das Koks nicht mehr an
    und nur so zu handeln wie's die Religion will und dann
    zieh ichs zwar ne Zeit lang durch ohne Drogen und Schlampen,
    doch lass es dann schleifen wie'n Rohdiamant.
    Yeah und ich hatte den Wohnzimmerschrank

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  • 468 weeks
    i dunno

    uhh just something i listen to calm down...

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  • 468 weeks

    ... and again i lost 2 friends... because im annoying and pointless.. i will never search for a girlfriend or even try that because i just annoy them ... love is just a pointless thing guys one time you will see that believe me ... one time you will know what i mean with that... :fluttercry:

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Just for Information · 10:59am Jun 10th, 2015

Just for information that im ill...

I am mentally damaged .. (i dont know hows that called i used google translate) that means i can be very very angry mostly for no reason so you have to watch out what youre writing or saying to me i could possibly missunderstand it and get highly deppressed... :ajsleepy:

I hope you understand :fluttercry:

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*hugs tight* it's ok. I'm here for you

3136534 *hugs back* thx scoots, you and flutter are the only 2 im talking too :fluttershysad:

3136934 *keeps hugging* you don't have to thank me it's what friends do.

Would you like more people to talk to? I know some nice people

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