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    crawls out of my well

    hello. i am working on the next chapter of iwpft, if anyone is still actively waiting after uhhhh a. year. god help you if you're waiting for updates on one of my older fics bc well! good luck.

    anyways. i wanted to show off my latest horse art wip. you should check out my da! i actually like. post on there.

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    not dead

    im terrible at updates. whoops. i wasnt prepared for this will just be an update a year forever and anon and thats just what has to be accepted

    if you like wings of fire though im slightly better at updating my fanfiction for that

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    my blog detailing how a user of this site tried to take sexual advantage of me as a child is worth removing, but the user who actually did it can stay i guess. wonderful

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    mini story survey (?)

    I forgot just how many story ideas I had going, to be perfectly honest. (Wish I had that kind of motivation now - hopefully it comes back with practice!) Which stories have been your favorites? Anything you'd like to see rewritten / completed?

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My Two Bits on Season 3 [IMAGE SPOILERS] · 9:50pm Jul 20th, 2012

I have a new headcanon!

So, we heard about these two (canon):

And I kinda think that the mare is (Harry Potter moment - Voldemort was unable to love because he was conceived under a love potion; change it to fit MLP, and the desperation for love turned against her)

But could the stallion be this guy? (Presumed Season 3 villain)

My new headcanon: [OC-looking-stallion] returns to Equestria and Chrysalis joins forces with him. They then reawaken Discord (because its virtually confirmed he's coming back), Chrysalis realizes how evil [Stallion] is and turns against him. [Stallion] beaten by Chrysalis's army (because I can say so!), Discord sides with Chrissy and they both integrate back into Equestrian society, Discord at the palace and Chrysalis as a new race.


-Named Changelings that look different
-Octavia speaking lines
-PON3/Vinyl speaking lines and properly filtered eye color (this needs to be solved)
-More Baby Cakes and possibly Shining/Cadence foal (probably not but it would be adorable)
-Derpy (although, not a lot of Derpy. The flame wars were rough...
-More races (more Griffons, possibly Kirins, Chimera, etc.)
-An episode involving death and how to bear it.

And yeah, I'm kinda productive.

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that's a lot of brainstorming.

On a related note, I made a Group for discussing Changeling variants and the stories written about them. Would you mabe like to join and/or add your changeling story to the group? I really enjoyed reading it.

it's called "Changelings and You"

you should be labelled a contributor.


Cool! I have no idea how to know! :pinkiehappy:

You have a + next to your name in the list of members :twilightsmile:


I do :derpytongue2: I feel so special. Thanks for inviting me!

yw! thank you for joining and adding your song to the hive!
I mean, your story to the archive :twilightblush:

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