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I write stuff and help people write stuff. If you want something written, or need help writing, I can help. Always move onwards!

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Tips to Writing a Fanfic: Introduction and Explanation · 12:08am Apr 12th, 2015

Hey everyone! I'd like to get started by briefing y'all on what's to come. This is the intro post for a series of blogs that I'll be making, all themed around writing. Now, some of you may be asking, "Resonance, why on earth would we need to read a post on how to write? Aren't most of us already writers and creators? We've written stories already, and they're going just fine. Besides, if we haven't written anything, we most likely won't, because we aren't all creators. Why are you writing this?" So why don't you just ruminate whilst I illuminate the possibilities.

Now, I'd like to take time to answer all of those questions. First off, I am writing this for several different reasons. First of those is that I am primarily an editor. I spend my time fixing the mistakes of others and helping them get better. I figured that if I could create something to cover a bunch of different things that I come across whilst editing, I can help everyone, not just my . . . clients. If everyone reads these, they have a chance to better themselves, and reduce the time spent by their editors, if they have one. Secondly, this is just an outlet for all of the ideas floating around in my head. When you're an insomniac, that tends to happen. Thirdly, I was actually encouraged by several people to go ahead and write these. Lastly, I have this thing. It's an unhealthy addiction to wanting to help everyone, even when it will result in negatively affecting me. It gets annoying. I figured that if I wrote these, I can abate that addiction by giving you all what you need to help yourselves.
To answer the third question, I am really hoping that in writing these, I can encourage more people to write stories of their own. I can't even count the number of times I've conversed with people who have the most amazing ideas, yet are too afraid of putting it into writing. Of course, that's a very common issue and one that is well founded. As it is, writing a story can be one heck of a daunting task. However, this can be remedied. Most people I've talked to/heard of say that they simply don't know where to start, or don't know how to do it properly. I'll expand more upon that in my first post of the series.
Now, for the second question (yes, they're out of order, deal with it). I'm sure that you've probably read a multitude of stories, all ranging from professor-level to drop-out of high school level writing. Normally you'd hardly think that those amazingly written ones would need something as trivial as a writing guide, but you would be surprised. No one is perfect, and the same goes for writing. Everyone can always learn more, and learning always comes in handy. Learning is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Corruption breeds evil. Learn more; be evil.
Okay, sorry about that one. I just don't know what came over me . . .

You might still be wondering why I would make one of these when there's already Ezn's Guide. To be frank (no, that's not my name, but it is a pretty neat one. Hi to all of the Franks out there), I wasn't all that impressed by what was in that guide. Don't get me wrong, it has a large amount of very helpful material, and should most definitely be read. However, I felt that there are certainly things that are missing from it, and that there are areas that could be expanded or improved. What I'll be doing is (not-so) simple. Each post will cover a particular topic, and explain stuff on it. Each post will start off basic, and gradually cover more and more advanced aspects of that topic later on. Each one will be constructed from multiple different sources (including Ezn's Guide), and of course, my own head canon. Yes, they will be highly informative (I hope), but will also contain some of my own opinions and suggestions, all built off of what I've found in the past. Please note, these opinions will be denoted, so you don't start thinking that my opinions are facts, which they aren't. These are going to take a while to make, so they will be uploaded once per week at minimum. I don't really have any followers yet, so it's not like anyone will really be reading this, therefore an update schedule is not needed.
Anyways, I hope you will take a look at this series, and take away some valuable information. I'd be surprised if anyone even read this far. If you did, you're awesome. Keep being awesome. That's it for now!

-ChasingResonance: editor, writer, crazy person

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