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  • 279 weeks

    Just watched Zootopia. And Wow that was amazing. My favorite character is Nick the fox. All in all a great film. Will watch again.

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  • 285 weeks
    Ha this is funny

    My story has 666 views ha nice

     

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  • 288 weeks
    My Birthday

    :pinkiehappy:Today I turn 28 today. I am happy

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  • 289 weeks
    My oc Flying Raven


    Name: Flying Raven
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pegasus
    Color: Black coat with silver mane and tail
    Cutie Mark: a raven flying threw a cloud
    Hobby: Raising Ravens
    Personality: Out going and smart

    This is my OC

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  • 290 weeks
    McMurray fire

    My heart goes out to all the people in Fort McMurray. I hope they put that fire out. I am trying not to cry but its hard.

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Scabies · 9:51pm Feb 12th, 2015

What ever you do DO NOT get scabies they are so damn itchy and annoying. I itch everywhere:ajbemused:.

I'm going to go insane if it continues.

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Comments ( 7 )

Sorry you have to suffer through this. Here take this.

2980175 awww.

Ya im still suffering from iching

I'm lucky I got chicken pox early in life. So i don't have anything like that to deal with. Hope you get better soon!

2980190 i hope i get better. I dont want to go crazy.

I got that a couple of years ago.

3032310 i bet you went crazy, because i did

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