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  • 418 weeks
    Lord Thunder

    Loves a dragon is his story, not mine, i just posted it here, check out his page and follow him, not me. Okay, that's enough for me, by!

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  • 420 weeks

    sup brahs

    sorry i havent been active this week as i've been camping for the whole week, when i logged on i had a a total of 6 messages, three being for me to edit them, sorry i should of done it later, i'll get to it

    and a total of 53 notafications
    woop de woop

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  • 423 weeks
    New chapter of Love's a dragon, for you guys,

    Fuck it, go check

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  • 424 weeks

    Right. Let's start by saying, I was banned. I was banned as I said "I disliked this story" and thanks for not bothering to give a shit about me guys. (Cheers Dudley) Like, who even knew I was gone? Anyway, what's new?

    Who's your favorite admin? Mine's Wanderer D

    6 comments · 264 views
  • 424 weeks

    Hello! My name was GreyHeart/Mink! but I had to keep changing it due to bans from IRC mods, if you can find a way to get back on the IRC chat it would be a great help for my friend!

    Read More

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New chapter of Love's a dragon, for you guys, · 1:42pm Jul 4th, 2012

Fuck it, go check

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Comments ( 7 )

You got my PM, right?

So there will be a new chapter?

211685 Yeah, I will give it to you later, I was just trying to get this story picture perfect!

211688 I just posted it!

Yay fuck yeah. Thanks mate

I never read the knew chapter bro but I will get on it dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/yay_red.png

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