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Hello! I am a depressing girl with an odd love of miniature equines and Homestuck. I have a crippling addiction to Anime, but other than that I'm somewhat sane!

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    A friend who needs love.

    Ok, I have no clue what to say here. Everyone knows Blue Ice Tales, right? So he is fricking thinking me thoughts minus suicide, and has changed his name to 000. Just go look him up, read his latest blog. Comment, make him understand. We care. Oh, and dont read my comment.

    Zel for da win...

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    Since I absolutley must do something stupid, I shalt use DRAGON SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Betcha none of ya know what this is from.

    *presses fingers to forehead and begins*

    Darkness beyond twilight
    Crimson beyond the blood that flows
    Buried in the stream of Time is where your power grows.
    I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand
    Befoew this mighty power bestowed in my unworthy hand.

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    Ask me aything!

    Ask me anything other than personal info, including phone number. A, K, and I, AK the Triforce of weirdness(for now) will answer. If you have a question for a specific one of us, I am the Triforce of Time, K of Roness, and A of fandomness. Simply refer to the one you ask as A, K, Crystal, or our triforce names. If you do not state whom you ask, I will have one of us randomly anwer.

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    A bio of myself, as told by A, K, and I.

    Welp, A and K are here, and decided to put up a bio blog post. I begged them to not, but they are letting mehelp.

    A: Her name is unknown, but everyone calls her Crystal, wich is the name of all her OCs. Original much?
    K: *is glaring at A* We know her name! Its T-*I just interupted her typing* Bad K!

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*fangirl squeals* Best anime character evr! I dn't know wy, but he is best character from the Slayer series. · 12:30am Jan 16th, 2015

a very reserved character, Zelgadis is a chimera of human, golem, and blue demon.

He is best. A hilarious quote from an action scene wth Zel.

"You're lucky you only felt the flat side of my blade! Oh wait, its twosided. " *he shrugs* I love the ayer series in general, from the original to Slayers Evolution-R. I wish that people knew what I was talking about, or what the Sword of Light is, or Dragon Slave. *sighs* Thats the price of being a Slayers fa. Nobody likes animes anymore. *shrugs* I hope the pic works.

[url=humanzel.jpg]Zelgadis as a human! EEE!

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Umm I love anime. I'm going to Japan as an exchange student because I started loving it through anime.

Good ol' anime, ignoring American taboos and making parents genuinely uncomfortable.

2725609 I remember when I was watching the oringinal dragon balls series with little kid goku when he screamed about bulmas balls being gone. My mom was very shocked.

2725644 I am such a glork! Just googled The Slayers, and after scrolling through some good ol' Buffy, found out that Slayers is from the ninties. I was born in the ninties. *sigh*
Why is it that when you greatly enjoy a show, netflix takes it off for a while? I have yet to see return of the Slayers. *quiet sigh*

Zelgadis for da win!
I am taking a break from pewds. Hope I can detox enough to return to a semi normal life. But its like a fandom.
You always come back....

2725660 Here's something to wake you up if you ever go back. It's a clown.

2725667 Thanks for the warning.

2725675 It's a particularly evil clown.

2725689 I can see that. *curls up* A: Sheesh, you traumatized her! K:Whats up with tha? Sheesh, you shouldn't have been so insensitive! *I quietly cry* Why did I click on it? WHY? *shakes*

2725785 Uh… sorry. *Nervously smiles* Please don't hate me.

2725824 K: Its fine

A crouches down in front of Crystal and Slaps her* A: Crystal look at me. It.Isn't. Real. *Crystal doesn't move, staring blankly at a wall muttering about clocks* Hey! Look at me!


A: Ugh. Do I have to mae a Zelgadis construct appears and start talking to you?

*Crystal slightly turns head, still ticking and looking slightly less blank.

K: Dang, she is flipping out! She never does this! Well, once, after I rescued her from the bullies the day we met...

Zel construct: Hello Crystal.

Crystal looks blankly at ZC, her stare starting to look better than creepy*

Crystal:Tick...Z-Zel? *blinks*

Ugh. last thing remember was that...thing...

K: Its ok Crystal, you kinda flipped out and becameunresponsive, staring at the wall adticking, but then A made a Zel construct say hi to you ad you snapped out of it. I have already told Muffin7 its ok, so you should just relax....

A shoves a picture of Laughing Jack in Crystals Face*

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *curls up again. K and ZC run to cmfort her* K: Damnit A! We just got her responing! We will have to answer comments until ZC ad I can get her calmed down.

Sheesh. All because of that one pic* A finishes saying that and glares at DerpyMuffin7*

K:Its ok Cryssy!

2725889 Here's a tip: Show me lots of pictures of spiders. I'm terrified of them.

2725907 A: Fuck off to australia bitch! You sverely traumatised Crystal, and sh isn't recovering. *Flips off DerpyM7* U should go die!

K:Woah! calm down! This flip out was your falt A! we dont want another trip to the naught ycorner, do we?

A shrinks down in her seat* A: No...

K: I am soooooo sorry DerpyM7! A is extremely protective of Crystal, more so than me.

ZC is murmuring to Crystal, trying to bring her back to normal*

A: *Snaps fingers and tenth doctor appears*

Tenny and ZC slowly get her slightly less flipped out, Crystal stops rocking and is simply staring atthe wall and murmuring about time*

Tenny: Time isn't a strictly linear procession from A to B, its more a great big ball of wibley wobbley timey wimey...Stuff.

Zel: Calm down Crystal.

K: *Bitch slaps Crystal* LOOK! The tenth bucking doctor is hre!

Zel draws his sword*
A wild bill cipher appears\

Bill: Whats wrong with the girl?

A: I am out of here. *Walks out flipping off DM7*

K:I am sorry. A is a real firecracker.

2725956 Is Luna alright?

2726029 K: I honestly have no clue. I a going to have to talk about this with A, she knows about how scary laughing Jack is to Crystal, and it didn't help that she had just stopped freaking out. I am hoping that she is ok, although A won't be. With the lack of a reaction to Ill C., We will haveto hope that she reacts to Mabel Dip, and Grunkle Stan when they start singing'Taking Over Tonight' And GFT. If not, then I am afraid we won't be seeing her for awhile. I will pretend to be her until she is functional again. Even if it takes bringing in a fox. I hope that you know tha this isn't your fault. *Crystal twitches, mumbles something about zel and triangles* Shes moving!

2726054 Alright, hopes she gets better.

2726059 K: Shes um...awake?

*crystal starts moving. *

Crystal: Woah, why do I feel all...blurry? *tries to stand up.

K: A tramatised you again with Laughing Jack pic. You were worse than last time, and we were getting worried.

Ugh, why can't I remember most of today?

K:Oh shit. Quick, who is your fave character from your fave show?

Zelgadis from the Slaers. Why?

K: Making sure you didn't have amnesia.

Ugh. Why did I black out in the first place?

K: Well, DM7 Kinda showed you a picture of an evil clown that made you flip out.

DerpyMuffin7, what the hell? You know how upsetting those things are to me! *Stands up* WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME? I AM NOT SEAKING WITH YOU EVER AGAIN!

K: Calm down dude. He had no clue you would react like that.

*panting heavily* Well, then fine. I guess that I will talk to him, only because he didn't know.

K: Good. Now sit down and have aconvo wif Zel whilst I talk with DM7 (She is vurray mad ya know. I am not sure when she will fully forgive you, woozy and forgetful as she is right now.)

Woah! I see soooo many cooooooloooooorsseses!


2726084 Sorry to break it to you, but I did know. Not to that extent, just that there would be some reaction. I had given her that picture, with a warning that it was a clown, because of one of her previous statements in which she instructed us that if she ever "turned bro", we were to shock some sense into her. I'm sorry, I should have made it clear that the picture was not to be opened unless necessary.

2726094 I trusetllted you man... I thought it would be tae.... another ron mc don, aything... Hell, maybe you were decieving me and had an amazing pretty picture like the one of my OC that I try to draw during art. Its ok, but it could be better. I honestly never expected *goes back into her own little world and fades away into background*

K:Well fan motherfucking tastic. I do not think that she will ever recover... Not fully anyways. I will try putting on some pewds for her. Hope it works.

A: Do not EVER tlk o crystal again!!!!!!!

K: Ugh. A, one day Crystal might return to us, ad years after tha she will talk to 7, mabe sooner. Just tell me, what is the lesson here?

A: Never show an atistic person who is scared of clowns a clown pic that is terriffing?

K: Yes. The fact that 7 knew that there would be an effect just makes this worse.

A: I am also to blame, I also knew she was autistic. I knew an autistic kid who was normal until he saw the color blue.

K:Thing is, she doesn't usually flip out like that...

A: My theory is that it pushed her over the edge... That one pic was bad enough... I wanted to throw up.

K: Keep an eye on Crystal ad Zel.

K: seriously 7?I knowthat she is pretty high functioning, but you knew she would react, and you still posted that?! It was fine when you didn't knw what would happen, but now....

2726110 Yup. I'm out.

2726116 K: Good. None of us wish to talk to you. You ave severely broken something othr than her mind ya know. C'mon A, lets stick her in bed. Hup*Carries Crystal away, never looking back*

Goodbye. I will see you sometime and probably talk to you, but for now we are gonna foget you exsisted. *A walks away with K, holding Crystals shoes.

Crystal: *blinks and slightly comes to. * Huh? Whats going on? Where is 7? I was looking forward to havng a conversation with him...*twitchs*

K: Ssh. You are nver talking to him again because he broke your mind and we cannot have that. I am sorry Crystal. You ust lost a friend. Probably he doesn't care, thinks that we will let you talk to him, that you can still be friends. *softly* Its not happening...

Crystal is already pssed out again.*

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