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  • 461 weeks
    Oh my gosh...

    Wow, its been a long time. A little too long.
    I have grown so much. I love it. Really.
    To see all those stories again that I made, even non-published ones. Wow...
    A combination of nostalgia and embarrassment, no wait scratch that one. A combo between nostalgia, curiosity AND humor.

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  • 587 weeks
    Upcoming Story...

    ''Alcohol has never bin so DangerPony-ous before...''

    Read it all in : C i D e R

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  • 590 weeks
    What Kind of Upcoming Story will be next?

    Well,after Finishing the Path of the seven sins....

    i think i'm gonna do a Midsummer Mystery Story

    ...if you have maybe any ideas....than just comment ^^

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  • 592 weeks
    [no title]

    Fuck yeah

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  • 600 weeks
    [no title]

    Upcoming Stories...

    The Window

    Treehouse Of Pony I

    The Path of The Seven Sins

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My First day here · 3:30pm Jan 4th, 2012

mmm its such an awesome site here....i think im getting fit in here...

i work on my fanfic as Futurama pony Cross over...\
i hope people like it

Well gotta move on
Greetings Fry

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