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Non-pony plot bunny - Gentleman of Interest · 12:53am Nov 10th, 2014

This is an idea that just came to me while thinking about two of my favorite crime bosses in fiction, both of whom live in a world where there are things going on behind the scenes that the average thug can't even imagine.

(Person of Interest/The Dresden Files)

Carl Elias hates Chicago. That said, he does have a certain level of respect for "Gentleman" Johnny Marcone. The two of them share certain values in common, and do their best to manage the criminal underbelly of their respective cities.

Having grown increasingly aware that there is some shadowy new force imposing its will on his city, Elias decides to meet with Marcone. It's said that Marcone, for all his professionalism, has dealings with interests outside the norm. Some of the more superstitious sources even claim that "Gentleman" Johnny has ties to people who border on... the supernatural.

Elias doesn't believe in such things, of course, but if Marcone knows anything about the mysterious force that has his acquaintances Finch and Reese so frightened, then it behooves him to find out whatever it is, to better protect his business.

Carl Elias has no idea that the rumors about Marcone are, if anything, understated...

Just as neither of them have any idea of the technological 'gods' that are constantly watching them all.

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