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A girl who makes stories and fails to amuse anyone minus my toaster. He laughs the hardest.

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  • 377 weeks
    I have returned. But...


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  • 433 weeks
    Leaving FiMFiction...for a while.

    Alright guys, my absence is going to be for a while. Sorry, it's just that I can't think of any story ideas for MLP:FiM at the moment! I'll be back once I have a good story done and writen. And I just want to say, that this site has helped me learn a lot more about storywriting, such as planning and whatnot.

    So don't worry, the next story won't be a bust like the previous two!

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  • 438 weeks
    Failure, Win, and then EPIC FAILURE.

    Yesterday I attempted to re-install Windows 8 on my laptop. But however the week before, I tried to do that, but my USB got corrupted mid-process. And then yesterday I found a 8gb USB drive to use, so I used it as a bootdisk.

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  • 439 weeks
    I have one thing to say.

    Edit: ...Someday.

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  • 440 weeks
    Taking a break from nearly everything.

    Ah yes guys, it's around that time for me to take a break from the interwebs. As in, I'll still use it, but my productivity levels will be set to 0%. Mainly because I'm running out of good story ideas that I can continue on and ones that I'm interested in.

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I have returned. But... · 5:19am Nov 4th, 2014


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