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A girl who makes stories and fails to amuse anyone minus my toaster. He laughs the hardest.

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On MAJOR Hiatus until further notice. I'm not giving up the story guys, just kinda busy that's all!
Update: This story will return soon, but atm I am focusing on a huge story I've been working on the past year. Might get updates, but might not too.

NOTICE: Contains very minor language (Crud, crap, etc...) and mild violence

WAHAHAHAHAHA! I'ma wario, #1 at everything that you're-a terrible and excellent at! I decided to make a new TELMET because if you played the AWESOME game called Wario: Master of Disguise, at the end of the game (spoiler alert wimps!) I got all the treasure from that Zephyr dude! But then I realized I had a flaw with my device! IT COULDN'T TRANSPORT MY TREASURE!

So I'ma going to make a new one to get it back! Let's just-a hope nothing goes wrong!


General Info

This story is told from Wario's perspective and the occasional narrative perspective, the narrator always talks like this. This is also a continuation of the ending of Wario: Master of Disguise (Nintendo DS) in a extent to where I ask "What happened afterward?" and made this story as a response.

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